I did a little drawing experiment. Took about 20 minutes total.

First, I drew a few figures with my left hand. No guide lines allowed. I made two original figures, four based on reference images. Then, in the same order of drawing and, to the best of my short-term memory, in the same order of features, I drew the same composition with my right hand.

Some good things happened: resemblance is clearer, and MAH (center, beanie) lost about 50 years off his face, thankfully. I also noticed while doing this that I drew bigger with my right hand. This is probably because 1) I had way better muscle control, and 2) I was more confident.

On the flip side though, I personally feel that the lines I made with my left hand have a lot more energy in them; the lines I made with my right hand are more deliberate and structured. (And I just realized that Daiyu’s hand is missing— oh well). 

This was a pretty good experiment. I will try to incorporate more of that lefty energy into my mark-making more often. :]

References are these pictures and gifs:



Woman with sword

Ryan Matthew